Emotions / Agency


A conversation-based engagement tool to move your audiences from climate anxiety to agency.

What to use this tool for

To engage audiences (e.g., supporters, donors, volunteers or even staff) in conversations that enable them to face their emotions about crises like climate change, fostering a safe space for emotional exploration, reflection, and actionable steps towards change.

When to use this tool

This tool is most effective during moments of global or local disruption, such as the climate crisis, where traditional engagement methods fail to address people’s psychological barriers to action.

How to use this tool

1. Feel: 
Create a space for participants to connect with and express their emotions related to a guiding question about a current crisis.

2. Think: 
Facilitate a shift in perspective, encouraging participants to explore the issue with newfound empathy and understanding.

3. Act: 
Guide participants towards prototyping actionable solutions that resonate on a personal and collective level, based on insights gained.

The Tool in Action

Digital Conversations / Climate

How a Serbian NGO changed the norms on solar energy communities

Tool Overview:

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Used for: Moving from anxiety to action

Difficulty: Moderate

Approach: Emotions

Issue: Climate

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