Changemakers have been using broadcasting and information to drive action for years.

Have we created the impact we want to? The answer is no.


As the world around us changes, it's only natural to have concerns and feelings about these changes

But, when was the last time you talked about it?

Information and awareness are crucial, but they don’t equate to change. At Mindworks, we believe systemic change starts with purposeful conversations. 

Conversations that are designed to acknowledge and address how different, yet how similar we are and help us find common-ground. Conversations that not only make you aware, but make you want to take action. 

So it’s Time To Talk.  

is here to connect you with people across the globe who are going through similar experiences, but with very different perspectives


In just one 45' guided conversation,

you will build meaningful connection with new people, exchange stories, learn about each other's experiences and come up with ideas together on what we can do to make a change


As a changemaker, have you ever thought how hard it has become to engage an audience?

Do you feel the constant overflow of information caused by the polycrisis is leading to fatigue? 

The solution is simple, yet complex:

Conversations that have a purpose and leave a mark.

A glance through our past conversations

Case Studies_1. Jakarta Air Pollution - Main

Jakarta Air Pollution

Jakarta air pollution has been the worst in the world, and we need to build people power towards the solution. Let's fuel our frustration and channel it to co-create pathways for positive change.

Case Studies_5. Philippines CoLead - Main

Urban Mobility & Climate Action in the Philippines

Engaging conversations to amplify and empower young Filipinos to drive change in urban mobility and climate action.

Rectangle 15

Building Personal Power with Indonesian Future Leaders

Conversations at scale to empower young Indonesians to envision their future selves and take purposeful actions towards their own futures.

Inspired to start your own impactful conversation?

We would be happy to help you co-design a purposeful Time To Talk session with you

Hear from our participants

JanI discovered where I could start contributing
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In the beginning I felt helpless and powerless.. In the end I got to a place where I knew I could start being engaged in my community hyper-locally...
OlgaMakes me more motivated
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I felt like I don't have a valuable opinion about it and that I wouldn't be able to even contribute that much.. It (the conversation) definitely made me more motivated and eager to do something about it.
ChrisConnecting across generation drives hope
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Build contact across generations I think is really important, because of the hope, energy, and enthusiasm that come through youth.
LivianaExchange views with other people
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Thank you... I got to meet new people and could exchange views with each other, cool!
HannaFun and inspiring talk
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So fun, inspiring because with talk to talk we can exchange our visions and missions with new people with different backgrounds and different ways.
LeiUnique and interactive experience
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I found this experience unique and very interactive as I get to hear other thoughts or point of view from a person who lives in a different place but we still share the same problem within our cities.
AlyssaLearn from my partner
Read More
This was a nice discussion and I learned a lot from my partner!

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