Ritualise and reinforce the change

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Ritualise and reinforce the changes that you would like to survive the transition to a new normal.

The transition phase of the crisis timeline

What: Preserve the mindset changes you worked on during the crisis, and weaken the counter-narratives that you want people to leave behind.

When: The Transition

Why: The transition period is an important moment to influence what is carried over from the crisis to the new normality and what is left behind.

Read more: Learn more about the Transition phase of a crisis in The Disrupted Mind Part 2: The Crisis Timeline.

How to

Make people aware of the transition


Monitor negative mindset shifts and design counter strategies.


Defining Moments Tool

The Mindworks guide to understanding and crafting ‘defining moments’ which can impact the way we think and behave.

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Letter to your future self

A digital engagement tool inviting people to send a letter to themselves to strengthen the perception of defining moments in crises.

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    The collapse of the American Dream

    The 2008 financial crisis profoundly damaged the narrative of the American Dream, that “everyone who works hard enough can become rich and successful”. During the crisis, the rich got richer and were bailed out by the government while the rest of society had to carry the burden. A few years later during the 2011 Occupy Movement a strong alternative narrative emerged and it stuck – the “we are the 99%”, in opposition to the nation’s wealthiest 1%. Being able to identify early on a declining counter-mindset, such as the American Dream in this case, can help to bring your story home.

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