Normalise new experiences and thoughts

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Start to normalise experiences and ways of thinking so they can be adopted even after the crisis ends.

The long haul phase of the crisis timeline

What: Normalise behaviours and ways of thinking that emerged from the crisis and align them with your mindset goals.

When: Throughout the crisis, but especially important when you feel a transition towards a new normal approaching.

Why: People often decide on the right path of action by looking at how others think or behave. This is particularly true when the experiences are new and our minds are disorientated.

Learn more: Read about disorientation and new experiences in The Disrupted Mind Part 1: Scientific Insights.

How to

More means normal

Choose the right messenger

Make it realistic

Make old norms, narratives and behaviours seem ridiculous


Dynamic Normative Messaging Tool

The Mindworks guide to help you create dynamic normative messages that can emphasize changing social norms.

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    The power of radio soap opera in post-genocidal Rwanda


    After the genocide in Rwanda a Dutch NGO called Radio La Benevolencija created a radio soap opera called Musekeweya (new dawn) which aimed to promote intergroup tolerance and strengthen the population’s resistance to incite and perpetuate violence. The series began in 2004 and aired twice a week on Radio Rwanda and Radio Izuba for many years becoming one of the country’s most popular soap operas. A survey found that 76% of Rwandans tuned in to Musekeweya every week. Later studies found it to be highly effective in changing the behaviours and social norms of conflicting groups, while individual beliefs and prejudice didn’t change. This is a good example of how creative applications of dynamic norm messaging through the right channels can create stories for larger social change.

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