Listen, and facilitate difficult conversations

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As mindsets start to settle, shift from broadcasting to conversations in order to facilitate alignment in communities.

The long haul phase of the crisis timeline

What: Listen and use conversation-based engagements to continue influencing mindset and culture change.

When: The Long Haul

Why: At this stage, broadcasting will no longer be enough to change minds. This only works for those that are still disoriented or undecided, or to strengthen the beliefs of those who are already convinced. Conversations are needed to keep polarisation at bay and facilitate alignment.

Learn more: Read about collective (re)negotiation in The Disrupted Mind Part 1: Scientific Insights or the Disillusionment Phase in Part 2: The Crisis Timeline

How to


Facilitate difficult conversations during a crisis

Explore altering your narrative or norm to include those that reject it


The [Feel. Think. Act.] Guidebook

A conversation-based engagement tool to help move your audiences from feeling anxious and powerless towards agency and action.

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Defining Moments Tool

The Mindworks guide to understanding and crafting ‘defining moments’ which can impact the way we think and behave.

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    Vote4me: German election conversations

    In Summer 2020, after the first Covid-19 wave, Greenpeace designed a “Listening Tour” through more than 40 cities across Germany to identify what people were hoping for from the post-Covid-19 future. This provided a space for reflection and participants were appreciative that somebody was interested in their thoughts. 

    After the third wave in Summer 2021 it had become clear that the pandemic had increased intergenerational conflicts. Ahead of an important national election, Greenpeace Germany developed the vote4me project. Facilitated by a card game they invited young and older people to have conversations with each other about values, politics and the future. A second listening tour was launched this time to create platforms for intergenerational conversations. At the same time Greenpeace mobilised the younger generation to talk to their parents and grandparents.

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