Create compelling new stories

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Introduce radical new stories that help re-establish certainty, are consistent with old beliefs and can be spread quickly and widely.

Early phase of the crisis timeline

What: Create and spread new stories that help give people meaning during the crisis.

When: The Early Phase

Why: At the onset of a crisis old worldviews and beliefs can no longer explain people’s new reality or guide behaviour. Confused, they look for stories that can provide meaning and the stories we embrace early on in the crisis will be the ones that shape our new worldviews.

Learn more: Read about disorientation and reorientation in The Disrupted Mind Part 1: Scientific Insights.

How to

Build your story

Use normative messaging

Choose facts over opinions

Broadcast, network, and repeat

Weaken the stories of your opponents

Be empathetic


Dynamic Normative Messaging Tool

The Mindworks guide to help you create dynamic normative messages that can emphasize changing social norms.

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Storytelling Guide

Greenpeace's story guide brings together key questions, steps and exercises to help anyone build a powerful story.

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Community Values Communication Toolkit

Community Values are long held American values. Community Values say that we share responsibility for each other, that our fates are linked. Whether described as interconnection, mutual responsibility, or loving your neighbor as you love yourself, Community Values are moral beliefs, a practical reality, and an important strategy.

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    After the 2017 shootings in Las Vegas the #VegasStrong hashtag emerged and quickly went viral. over the next few days and weeks became a vehicle for community resilience and solidarity in the wake of the tragedy. It spread so quickly and widely that it beat the counter-narratives, was used to fight misinformation, resurfaced during Covid-19 and in a sign of ritualization even gave birth to Vegas Strong Day! It showed the power of a simple, strong and widely shared narrative to unite the impacted community and those around them.

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