Amplify community cohesion, compassion and kindness

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Support the new identity, values and initiatives that emerge in the affected community during the “Honeymoon” phase of the crisis.

Early phase of the crisis timeline

What: Make the most of the short “Honeymoon” period after the crisis by supporting affected communities and the positive initiatives that emerge.

When: The Early Phase

Why: During this period a new shared "disaster community" identity emerges. It is characterised by community cohesion, mutual support, acts of kindness and altruism.

Learn more: Read about the "Honeymoon" phase and the creation of a “disaster community” identity in The Disrupted Mind Part 2: The Crisis Timeline.

How to

Keep communities together

Hand over the wheel

Create rituals and symbols 

Avoid amplifying antisocial behaviour


Defining Moments Tool

The Mindworks guide to understanding and crafting ‘defining moments’ which can impact the way we think and behave.

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Dynamic Normative Messaging Tool

The Mindworks guide to help you create dynamic normative messages that can emphasize changing social norms.

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    Community pantries in the Philippines

    In the Philippines after the initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic local communities started to set up neighbourhood pantries to help those in need. The country-wide phenomenon was started by Patreng Non who set up a simple cart in the community of Maginhawa in Manila. It was quickly replicated all over the country with people self-organising to set up local pantries in their neighbourhoods. Many were surprised by the level of support from other community members, whether it was volunteers from the local neighbourhood donating time or produce, tricycle drivers organising the lines or street cleaners helping tidy up.

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