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Time To Talk: Jakarta Air Pollution

Addressing Jakarta’s air pollution crisis through conversations and community engagement

The Project:

Jakarta has recently been ranked as the worst polluted city globally, sparking widespread concern and anger among citizens. Despite conflicting narratives about the sources and impact, the need for action is evident. This conversation aimed to generate conversations between different inhabitants of the city, translating the public concerns into energy for change as well as fostering empathy and solidarity among citizens.

Our Approach:

Structured, facilitated conversations between two strangers matched based on a certain criteria that help build empathy and solidarity as well as encouraging reflection on the causes and creating a pathway towards agency and action.

“I'm really glad we could discuss pollution from different perspectives. It was exciting to talk to someone with a unique viewpoint.”


Our Results:

4.9/5 conversation satisfaction rate

4.9/5 increased empathy rate

75 people join the conversation

A Project Overview:

Tags: Conversations, Cities, Air Pollution

February 2023

Jakarta, Indonesia


Cities, Air Pollution

XDS Lab, Think Policy, Kok Bisa? Belajarlagi

Tool Used: 
Time To Talk

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