Climate / Social Norms

Reimagining Mobility in India

Working with Greenpeace India on a campaign to shift narratives around urban mobility to create a more equitable city space for vulnerable groups.

The Project:

Cars in India are a status symbol and during Covid lockdowns, people felt safer travelling in private vehicles. Many of the newly installed cycle lanes in cities were rarely used. Recognizing that infrastructure improvements alone were insufficient, the campaign aimed to address the psychological and social norms perpetuating the cycle of car ownership and reluctance towards public transport and cycling.

Our Approach:

Mindworks coached, mentored and collaborated with Greenpeace India and allies to ensure that the campaign created more agency and shifted the norms and narratives around city ownership and instilled a sense of pride.

"For the first time we didn't tell people what they should do or ask them to sign petitions, we just patiently listened… it led to a genuine understanding of how they felt and helped us create stories that mattered.”


Our Results:

30% increase in bus usage

Significant policy shifts around mobility and gender

Citizens involved in city-level decision making

A Project Overview:

Tags: Narratives, Social Norms, Urban Mobility

February 2021

Various cities, India

Narratives, Social Norms

Urban Mobility

Greenpeace India

Tool Used: 

A few case studies

Rethinking Conversations with Decision Makers

From Climate Anxiety to Action