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Listening to What Germans Think of The Future

Greenpeace listens to what Germans think of the future after Covid-19

The Project:

During the first Covid-19 wave and lockdown, Greenpeace Germany, with support from Mindworks, conducted the ‘Rainbow Tour’ across 37 cities in Germany. They listened to over 1,500 people to understand their psychological and emotional responses to the crisis. The tour aimed to empower the public by mitigating negative emotions and guiding Greenpeace Germany during this challenging time.

Our Approach:

The Sensing Tour aimed to engage the public in conversations about their experiences during the COVID crisis and their future expectations. These conversations provided a reflective moment and a sense of agency for people to make sense of the world while also addressing feelings of loneliness and fostering a sense of being listened to. The umbrella project included a representative survey to gauge the emotional status and attitude shifts of the German public during the lockdown, and a supporter engagement activity allowed people to write letters to their future selves. These efforts aimed to foster open conversations about crisis experiences and sense-making and assess readiness to sustain changes.

“I would like to thank you very much for the letter from the past. It was very good for me to hear from myself. For me, such actions enrich my life. As I am writing to you, I can see that this [engagement] has also strengthened my solidarity with Greenpeace. I encourage you to create more similar actions in the future on such a personal level.”

Volunteer, German Listening Tour

Our Results:

Presence across 37 cities

Deeper insights into the audience

Deeply engaged volunteers

A Project Overview:

Tags: Conversations, Social Norms, Democracy

May 2020


Campaign with Psycho-Social interventions


Greenpeace Germany

Tool Used: 

A few case studies

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