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Intergenerational Conversations on Climate Change

Facilitating conversations between generations to create more empathy and agency

The Project:

According to statistics, in Germany, most people over 50 tend to vote for conservative parties, and they also account for 60% of the electorate. Greenpeace’s “vote4me” campaign was part of their larger effort, inspired by their listening tour in 2020 during the Corona crisis, to foster empathy and agency through intergenerational conversations about caring for children and grandchildren and addressing the constant intergenerational conflicts.

Our Approach:

This project travelled across 50 cities, focusing on the idea of having conversations with your loved ones about the future. Question cards were created to build listening and authentic sharing. These conversations took place between a volunteer and two active participants. Mindworks Lab equipped these volunteers with listening skills beforehand. The objective was to empower these participants to share their thoughts and emotions freely and build an understanding and empathy. These conversations were amplified through TikTok, etc.

“I think every conversation has its ups and downs. But so many of them were so educational for me.”

Conversation Participant, Germany

Our Results:

Vote4Me website was visited 10000+ times

3000 vote4me toolkits were purchased

1000+ longer conversations from 50 cities

A Project Overview:

Tags: Emotions, Climate

September 2021


Campaign with Psycho-Social interventions


Greenpeace Germany

Tool Used: 

A few case studies

Rethinking Conversations with Decision Makers

From Climate Anxiety to Action