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From Climate Anxiety to Action

A transformative Train-the-Trainer program empowered Greenpeace Africa volunteers to help young people move from climate anxiety to action.

The Project:

To combat climate anxiety and inspire action among young people in Kenya and South Africa, a Train-the-Trainer program enabled volunteers to conduct virtual classrooms focused on turning fear and anxiety about the climate crisis into empowerment and action.

Our Approach:

The program used a journey, starting with understanding the unique challenges and needs of volunteers and their intended audience. Volunteers first experienced the Anxiety to Agency classrooms as learners, then underwent comprehensive training covering topics from facilitating difficult conversations to defining personal and collective agency. This hands-on experience culminated in them delivering virtual classrooms to peers and students, followed by feedback sessions to hone their skills, ultimately certifying them as facilitators ready to empower others.

"The classroom helped me forge through my toughest feelings of frustration and anger; I can now output these feelings as meaningful actions towards fighting climate injustices,"

Patience, Greenpeace Africa volunteer, Kenya

Our Results:

Scaleable train-the trainer programme designed

Classrooms delivered to youth from local high schools and other volunteers

24 volunteers certified to deliver classrooms for young people across the continents

A Project Overview:

Tags: Resilience, Agency, Emotions

February 2021

Kenya, South Africa


Resilience, Agency

Greenpeace Africa, Force of Nature, Presencing Insitute

Tool Used: 

A few case studies

Rethinking Conversations with Decision Makers

From Climate Anxiety to Action