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Energy Transition, What Can The Youth Do?

What role can the Youth of Indonesia play in energy transition? Society of Renewable Energy, KokBisa and Mindworks Lab host a conversation.

The Project:

In an attempt to engage and organise young people around energy transition and drive new narratives of personal and collective agency, this conversation was designed to reflect and ideate on how they can help societies around them to participate in energy transition initiatives. A unique partnership between Society of Renewable Energy, KokBisa and Time To Talk, this initiative brought together young leaders from 30+ universities to talk about how they can tackle powerlessness and build agency to support the energy transition agenda.

Our Approach:

Energy transition is a highly debatable and polarising issue. In Indonesia, renewable energy is seen as a highly uncertain solution. Mindworks Lab's Exhausted Mind paper indicates that we need to shift narratives from uncertainty to certainty, in order to gain public support. This project intends to support the youth to influence communities outside their campus to be able to participate in energy transition initiatives which can lead to a sense of personal & collective agency. This conversation would be a starting point.

Youth as the main impacted community in the future, is given an opportunity to imagine and act today and lead the energy transition movement.

“As someone with a social sciences background, specifically law, I sometimes feel that I don't have much influence on SRE or the renewable energy transition movement in Indonesia. However, after speaking at Time To Talk, I met someone to chat with from Mechanical Engineering, and from their perspective, I began to think that everyone actually needs each other because we need many people to initiate change.”

- Widelia

Our Results:

164 registrations from 31 different universities

Highly engaging conversation design

New insights and ideas on transforming powerlessness into agency

A Project Overview:

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May – June 2024


Audience engagement / empowerment


Society of Renewable Energy and KokBisa

Tool Used: 

A few case studies

Building Personal Power with Indonesian Future Leaders

Rethinking Conversations with Decision Makers