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Conversations for Collective Action on Climate Justice

Engaging conversations to amplify and empower young Filipinos to drive change in urban mobility and climate action.

The Project:

Time To Talk & Greenpeace’s Co-Lead project partnered with youth organizations across the Philippines to provide a platform for young Filipinos to voice their concerns and ideas on issues like traffic and city infrastructure. The initiative sought to empower youth to take ownership of their communities’ future and advocate for sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Our Approach:

A hybrid approach of digital and offline conversations using conversation design, automatic facilitation and smart-matching system.

“I found this experience unique and very interactive as I get to hear other thoughts or point of view from a person who lives in a different place but we still share the same problem within our cities.”

Lei A Urrea, Student

Our Results:

197 registrations

5/5 satisfaction for the offline conversation

High impact on increasing empathy

A Project Overview:

Tags: Digital Conversations, Urban Mobility

November 2024


Digital Conversations

Urban Mobility

Greenpeace Philipinnes (CoLead Project)

Tool Used: 
Time To Talk

A few case studies

Rethinking Conversations with Decision Makers

From Climate Anxiety to Action