Conversations / Agency

Building Personal Power with Indonesian Future Leaders

Conversations at scale to empower young Indonesians to envision their future selves and take purposeful actions towards their own futures.

The Project:

Mindworks co-hosted conversations with hundreds of future students at Indonesia’s prestigious Institut Teknologi Bandung. The conversations were designed to build a sense of personal power and purpose amongst participants, helping them imagine their future selves in 2030 and take ownership of their paths to get there. It also aimed to build empathy and connection between region, urban and rural or socio-economic status.

Our Approach:

The experience used a hybrid approach, mixing digital conversations online with real-world conversations during a campus open day for future students. The conversation was designed used the SDGs 2030 framework as a stimuli to think about agency and purpose.

"I've realized that becoming a doctor isn’t the only way I can contribute to the world. There are lots of other topics in the SDGs that can be explored, and if I pursue them wholeheartedly, I believe I can benefit society."


Our Results:

10,000 students engaged

Over 500 conversation participants

233 schools from across Indonesia

A Project Overview:

Tags: Conversations, Youth

March 2024

Jakarta, Indonesia



Aku Masuk ITB (AMI)

Tool Used: 
Time To Talk

A few case studies

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