How we work

We translate insights on how the mind works into actionable and impactful tools.

With our blend of psychology and strategy we help you create campaigns that resonate, build agency and have the potential to create transformational change in the age of crisis.

Our focus

Global Majority 

We are committed to decolonising knowledge and collaborating with partners in the Global Majority. Our focus for 2024 is on Indonesia and India, we remain open to partnerships in other regions.

Human-centred campaigning

We help changemakers and organisations apply a new approach: putting people’s emotions, identities, values or the narratives and stories that shape their lives at the centre of their strategies.

Navigating the polycrisis 

We don’t believe business as usual is good enough anymore. Be it the climate crisis or polarisation, our approaches are built for today’s new realities and help change makers navigate the era of polycrisis.

Agency and impact

We create innovative tools and experiences that empower changemakers and their audiences. We help your campaigns find a radical new approach that can deliver systemic impact in disruption.

Our work in action

Time To Talk

Our digital conversation tool hosts meaningful conversations at scale that create greater empathy and agency with your target audience.

Our work in action

Anger & Agency Monitor

Our emotions tool measures the quality and quantity of anger, agency and climate denial to create strategies for on-the-ground projects.

Our work in action

Personalised campaign design

Each challenge is unique, and so are our solutions. We will work with you to adapt our unique approach to meet your specific needs, ensuring that each campaign is as effective as it is innovative.

Work with us

Get in touch if you’d be interested in co-creating a project with us.

Our Partners