Understand the forces of disruption

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Understand the five powerful psychological forces at play during crises which facilitate long-term shifts in mindsets and societies.

What: Understand why crises offer such powerful opportunities to create mindset change.

When: Before the crisis hits.

Why: During crises our minds are more vulnerable to new ideas, both good and bad. This is due to five key forces of disruption which occur during a crisis and make our minds more malleable. In this context, once new mindset factors - social norms, narrative, values, identities, and emotions - are introduced, not only can they quickly spread and mutate, but they can also survive long after the crisis has subsided, creating long-term mindset shifts and leveraging systems change.

Read more about the science behind mindset change during crises in The Disrupted Mind Part 1: Scientific Insights.

How to


New experiences and habit disruption

Disaster identity and community


Collective (re-)negotiation of mindsets


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