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We bring together a small and diverse global team with experience in strategic campaigning, communications and human-centered design.

Diya Deb

Direction & Growth

Growing up as an activist in India, Diya has in-depth experience of working in harsh political and social realities. Her different leadership roles at Amnesty and Greenpeace India also reinforced her belief in the need to decolonise knowledge and drive systemic change in Global Majority countries. We call her the “black swan”, as crises seem to have followed her through her life like an intimate shadow yet resilience has almost become part of her identity. Diya is an optimist and a firm believer in the possible, while her compassion drives her to take it above and beyond. She also founded her own non-profit PowerSouth, focussed on empowering women in the grassroots.

Identities: Campaigner, Indian, Feminist
Core values: Empathy, Resilience

Stefan Flothmann

Direction & Strategy

An innovator, visionary, strategist and futurist, Stefan is the founder of Mindworks. With starting out as a biologist, Stefan went on to be Campaign Director at Greenpeace India going on to lead the organisation’s global climate campaign and then as Program Director at Greenpeace East Asia. These experiences made him realise the necessity of understanding and applying cognitive and social science in campaigns, giving birth to Mindworks. Stefan is passionate about finding effective new ways to address the challenges of climate, crises and social fragmentation. All you need is a simple half an hour of random conversation with him, to blow your mind. Beyond Mindworks he is an avid cyclist, constantly excited by ideas and loves to cook!

Identities: Father, Athlete, Explorer
Core values: Curiosity, Fairness, Humour

Sophia Hsiang

Operations & Admin 

Sophia is a social worker by trade. Born and raised in the tropics of Taiwan, an island of mountains and ocean, she loves spending time in nature. She worked in pro-profit business and a variety of nonprofit ranging from mental health to education. She stumbled into the field of climate change and environmental protection during COVID, and has enjoyed learning to integrate ecological perspective into community as well as individual wellbeing. She has two aquatic turtles that get most of her attention when she isn’t working.

Identities: Asian, Turtle-fanatic, Caregiver
Core values: Autonomy, Integrity, Community

Robin Perkins

Communications & Social Norms

A communication strategist with an infectious optimistic energy, Robin is driven to find ways to solve problems that matter. He grew up professionally as an activist during 10-year-long journey with Greenpeace, as a communications lead on the Detox My Fashion campaign, as a Programme Leader at Greenpeace Mexico or the co-lead of a global project to convince Korean giant Samsung to commit to 100% renewable energy. A linguist by training, he believes in the power of language to inspire, engage and connect people. Robin is constantly trying to bridge worlds between culture shifting, language and the arts. Activist by day and owl by night, Robin is also a creator, producing folktronica music asl El Búho to express his experiences and fascination with the power of culture.

Identities: Music producer, Father, Activist
Core values: Fairness, Creativity, Optimism

Samatha Balachandran

Communications & Narratives

Sam is the kind of person you can sit down to chat with any topic in mind, the kind who can convince anyone with her ideas. Her confidence comes from a rich tapestry of life experiences: growing up in rural India with support from open-minded parents who encouraged her curiosity, rare in an environment where so many challenges still linger. This curiosity led her to move from the world of PR to working for the non-profit sector, managing and leading communications at Teach For India and working closely with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UN Accelerator. She is self-made: a passionate communication strategist and a pillar in her community. She lives what she believes – that when you truly understand the story this can empower fundamental changes in our world. She loves to read, sing, travel and works with local policymakers to implement various social welfare schemes.

Identities: Indian, Storyteller, Influencer
Core values: Courage, Resilience, Creativity

Adam Nurilman

Product Design & Innovation

A designer and a networker, Adam is driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, agency and belief that meaningful connections create new opportunities. His well-honed self-awareness and quiet confidence are grounded in his warm character, humour and humility. From working on design challenges to celebrate the diversity of Indonesia’s island cultures to working at the country’s Presidential palace, his professional journey has been marked by diving in head first, a passion for change and a curious mind. This curious mind took him to Mindworks, an opportunity to not only apply design principles to wicked problems but to also embark on a personal journey to be part of the solution. At heart, he is a designer and a firm believer in the power of human-centred design to change the world.

Identities: Innovator, Problem-solver, Entrepreneur
Core values: Hope, Passion, Humility

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