Our story

We live in an era dominated by crises. An era of growing poverty and widespread inequality, reinforced and fueled by the climate crisis and polarization.

Mindworks, created on behalf of the global Greenpeace network and hosted by Greenpeace Foundation in Taiwan, was set up to explore innovative new ways to tackle these problems and share this knowledge.

Mindsets have been identified as crucial leverage points that could tip the balance on issues like the climate crisis, yet the concept is hard to define and even harder to influence. Mindworks brought together a diverse global team to tackle this, starting with the simple question: 

How might we educate and engage changemakers around the world on what mindsets are and give them tools to shift them?

Our solution was to research and create three fundamental frameworks.

Since then, Mindworks has worked closely with changemakers, non-profit organizations, and institutions in and outside Greenpeace to provide content built on these larger frameworks, carry out empathetic audience research, develop innovative new engagement tools, and educate our partners on ways to build resilience.

As demand grew, in 2022, we decided to create Mindworks Lab as an independent NGO based in Hong Kong to support more and more organizations and changemakers, especially in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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  • To shift mindsets that help prevent and prepare for the climate crisis, creating regenerative cultures and greater well-being
  • To use the opportunities in crises and disruption in a responsive and agile way
  • To create equal learning opportunities for partners, independent of their resources, and maximize our impact by sharing knowledge, co-design, and hands-on implementation


  • To catalyze the growth of a community of new leaders that strive to shape a fair and regenerative future in the age of crises


Case study analysis | Mindworks
Case study research | Mindworks

We are responding to the world, our partners, and each other, acting with agility, resilience, and compassion. We are equitable and empathetic, offering equal opportunities to all who want to grow, share, and win with us. We innovate, empowered by our diversity, and driven by our thirst to take on big challenges in difficult times. We never forget to work with kindness, humor, and humility.

Our Team