Our Story

Mindworks was founded with a bold mission: use the rich insights from cognitive and social science to revolutionise how organisations design and implement campaigns.

Our Roots

Incubated in Greenpeace East Asia, Mindworks pioneered new approaches to creating change, built on an understanding of how the human mind works. Our journey began by challenging Greenpeace’s global climate campaign to do things differently, equipping campaigners with an innovative toolkit based on the latest psychological insights.

The Polycrisis Era

It became increasingly clear that in the polycrisis, whether working on climate or social change, organisations could no longer continue business as usual. Increasingly tired and frustrated, our community of changemakers were calling out for something different – a radical new playbook for creating impact in these liquid times.

This journey led us to dig deep into how the mind works in times of crisis and out of this start to develop our own tools such as our digital conversation platform Time To Talk and our emotional mapping tool The Anger & Agency Monitor.

A radical new playbook for creating impact in these liquid times.

In 2023, Mindworks registered as an independent entity, enabling us to collaborate with diverse partners around the world.

Mindworks empowers projects globally to adopt these new approaches – from reducing climate anxiety among young climate activists in Kenya and South Africa to changing social norms around gender and mobility in New Delhi.

How We Work

The Team

The Impact

Our case studies

Reimagining Mobility in India

Building Personal Power with Indonesian Future Leaders