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Giving changemakers the power to understand how the human mind works.

Mindworks is an innovation lab currently based in Greenpeace East Asia that researches cognitive and social sciences and translates insights into practical tools built for changemakers. We focus on audience research, campaign strategy and engagement design.

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How the mind works during and after a crisis and what we can learn to create change.

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What we do

We co-create with organisations, teams and changemakers working to shift the hearts and minds of people in order to create mindset, power or structural change in complex social and environmental issues such as the climate crisis, polarisation, social unrest or crises.

Applying our tools and insights

Our materials are designed to support your internal capabilities in building campaigns and engagements in various ways. Which means they are easy and interesting to engage with. They are research-backed, evidence-based, tested and open-sourced.

Co-creating tailor made tools for your specific needs

If you have a specific challenge within your campaign or engagement project, we are keen to dive in with you to help solve it. This often means working alongside you to develop new tools or strategies that are specific to your needs.

Supporting full project implementation

We can also work right alongside you through the full lifespan of the project. From project planning, implementation and finalisation, we can help your team design, research, test, analyze and make decisions.

Participating in our workshops

Participating in our workshops is a bit like going on an ‘aha!’ journey; each lesson is designed as a learning experience and is less about being presented with information, and more about discovering these insights for yourself. We then help participants to integrate these insights into their campaign and engagement projects.

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Our team

Our team combines researchers, campaign strategists, innovators and trainers working together to provide research and evidence-based perspectives on how to shift mindset about climate change.

Stefan Flothmann photo

Stefan Flothmann

Direction, Campaign Strategy, Partnerships

Diya Deb photo

Diya Deb

Direction, Campaign Strategy, Org Dev, Partnerships

Ieva Rozentale photo

Ieva Rozentale

Research, Data, Prototyping, Workshops

Robin Perkins photo

Robin Perkins

Communications, Engagement

Sophia Hsiang  photo

Sophia Hsiang

Operations and coordinations